Fields of Conflict Papers

Preparations are continuing apace for Fields of Conflict 2016 in Dublin. Final details on price and payment methods will follow shortly. For those of you presenting, a reminder that the deadline for receipt of written papers to the organisers is 24th June 2016. The written papers should be the approximate length of your 20 minute presentation, c.2500 words. It is preferable for references to be included at submission stage (Harvard Style) but in cases where this is not possible they can be included at a later date. It is the intention to publish proceedings of the conference based on these papers, and the organsiers are currently exploring options with respect to this. If for any reason those presenting would prefer that their papers not be put forward for publication at this time please let us know- we will be in contact with each indivdiual contributor before any final decisions are made in any event. Looking forward to seeing you all in Dublin!